Call for talks — Soapbox 2017

9:33AM Friday 23 June 2017
Long-time members should know the drill by now, but at Manchester Skeptics we have accidentally created a tradition of turning the August speaker slot over to our members. We have (about) four short talks rather than one long one, on all different topics.

This is, of course, where you come in: if you’re free on 24 August and you have a skeptical topic you’re passionate about, or just cross and knowledgeable, then get in touch.

You can email, comment here, tweet us, or post on Facebook. Make sure you include your name and a short description of the talk. And please do pester if you don’t get a reply; we probably just missed a notification.

You’re free to use slides or not, bring a laptop or just a pendrive — one year we had a poet — but we do ask that you keep to time (probably about 15 minutes depending how many speakers we end up with) and if you do use tech, make sure you’re prepared for the chance it will go wrong in some imaginative way.