Soapbox Special 2017

August’s speaker event is our increasingly annual Soapbox Special.

Instead of one speaker, we’ll give some of our members the chance to talk about whatever is getting to them — previous topics have included ghosts; the flat earth; Eats, Shoots, and Leaves; occultism and quantum mechanics. As long as there’s a skeptical bent and you promise to keep to time (depending on how many talks we end up with, usually about 15 minutes) you’re welcome.

The Soapbox event is a reliably interesting night — which is why we’ve gone back to it year after year. Not bad for a format invented from whole cloth when a speaker dropped out at the last minute several years ago.

If you’d like to be involved then you can email [email protected], comment here, tweet us, or post on Facebook. Make sure you include your name and a short description of the talk. And please do pester if you don’t get a reply; we probably just missed a notification.