Welcome to the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society!

We've run well over a hundred events since 2009, including the Manchester Skeptics in the Pub events, which are held twice each month. A bunch of Mancunian skeptics get together in the pub to discuss science, history, maths or whatever — sometimes with a guest speaker, sometimes without. If the pub's not your thing, keep an eye out for our occasional other events.

You don't have to be a member to come to our events, everyone and anyone is welcome — even if you disagree with the speaker. If you're in Manchester, come along!

Below are some links to what's going on at the moment — we'd love to extend our offerings, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or requests then please get in touch.

Upcoming Events

  1. The Grand Unified Theory of Bullshit – Tom Curry & Cecil Cicirello

    The Grand Unified Theory of Bullshit suggests that no matter where it’s from, all bullshit smells the same. In their new book, Cecil and Tom describe not only the harms of a variety of commonly held forms of grift and bullshit, but also offer a plan on what steps need to be taken in real terms to reduce your susceptibility to bullshit.

    This event will be online, on the Skeptics in the Pub Twitch channel.

    7:00PM Thursday 12 May 2022 Twitch