Welcome to the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society!

We've run well over a hundred events since 2009, including the Manchester Skeptics in the Pub events, which are held twice each month. A bunch of Mancunian skeptics get together in the pub to discuss science, history, maths or whatever — sometimes with a guest speaker, sometimes without. If the pub's not your thing, keep an eye out for our occasional other events.

You don't have to be a member to come to our events, everyone and anyone is welcome — even if you disagree with the speaker. If you're in Manchester, come along!

Below are some links to what's going on at the moment — we'd love to extend our offerings, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or requests then please get in touch.

Recent posts

  1. Call for Soapbox Speakers

    11:55 AM Sunday 17 June 2018
    Update: this event is in the past so we no longer need speakers, unless they have an extremely compelling talk about how time travel is more likely than most people think.
  2. Request for study participants

    1:59 PM Wednesday 23 May 2018
    We've been contacted by a researcher from Uclan, who is running a study comparing sceptics and believers in the paranormal, but doesn't have enough sceptics yet.
  3. UoM Science Spectacular

    9:34 AM Wednesday 11 October 2017
    As part of the Manchester Science Festival, The University of Manchester is hosting Science Spectacular, on Saturday 21 October 2017, 11am - 4pm, Whitworth Hall and Manchester Museum, Oxford Road Manchester

    It's free so drop in if you're about.
  4. Call for talks — Soapbox 2017

    9:33 AM Friday 23 June 2017
    If you have a skeptical topic you’re passionate about, or just cross and knowledgeable, then get in touch and you could be one of our August speakers.

Upcoming Events

  1. QED Fringe 2018

    7:00 PM Thursday 11 October 2018

    The night before the day before QED, we have a choice of two events for you.

  2. Skepticamp 2018

    1:00 PM Friday 12 October 2018 at The Mercure Hotel

    Before QED is Skepticamp, a free event comprising a series of short talks by skeptics. Register to do a talk or just turn up and watch.

  3. QED Mixer 2018

    7:00 PM Friday 12 October 2018 at The Mercure Hotel

    The night before QED, skeptics gather in the hotel bar for drinks and chat. It's not ticketed so even if you aren't at QED you're still welcome.

  4. QED 2018

    8:00 AM Saturday 13 October 2018 at The Mercure Hotel
    QED is a two-day science and skepticism convention. Fantastic speakers from the worlds of science and entertainment will be joining us for a weekend celebration of science, reason and critical thinking.
  5. Ariane Sherine – Talk Yourself Better

    7:30 PM Thursday 8 November 2018 at The King's Arms

    Writer, comedian, singer and skeptical bus-wrangler Ariane Sherine comes in to talk about her new book, Talk Yourself Better, an honest look at the wide range of 'talking' therapies available today.