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  1. Richard Wiseman: Achieve the Impossible with the Apollo Mindset

    Fifty years ago this week, Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. Professor Richard Wiseman presents a pioneering study of the mindset that took humanity to the moon, and shows how you can harness and use it to achieve the extraordinary in your everyday life.

    7:30pm Friday 26 July 2019The Britons Protection
  2. Soapbox Special 2019

    Our traditional "Soapbox Special" night features four short talks from the likes of you. Or maybe you specifically?

    7:30pm Thursday 1 August 2019The King's Arms
  3. General Meeting

    It's time for another meeting, so come along for beer, food and admin.

    7:00pm Thursday 8 August 2019Pie & Ale
  4. Fantastic Beasts and Why to Conserve Them

    Dr Caroline Ward is here to tell us about how conservation efforts can be helped and hindered when the local population believes the animal you're protecting is magic.

    7:30pm Thursday 10 October 2019The King's Arms