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  1. Become an Ask For Evidence Ambassador

    Sense About Science are once again doing exactly the sort of thing we would like people to be doing, and are looking for early career researchers and scientists get involved.

    12:55AM Thursday 27 August 2015
  2. A Very Brattish Coup

    In which our old Meetup group is deleted by ne'er-do-wells.

    8:59PM Wednesday 26 August 2015
  3. PubhD Manchester

    PubhD is an event for the academically curious… but you don't even need to have been to university the first time around to appreciate what the postgraduate speakers have to say at their gatherings.

    8:31AM Wednesday 26 August 2015
  4. Upcoming Events

    Quick update: I just updated the events page with some future speakers. They're the next confirmed events, but they're not the next events. We have other, less confirmed speakers, which aren't on the site yet, plus the regular socials.

    Remember, our normal schedule is a speaker event on the second Thursday of the month, and a social on the fourth Thursday.

    10:56PM Wednesday 15 July 2015
  5. March speaker event cancellation

    Our timetable is somewhat messed up for the next few weeks.

    Tomorrow (March 11) would ordinarily be our speaker event, but unfortunately we don't have a speaker so it won't be going ahead. Our next speaker event will therefore be the April one — which we've swapped with the social, so that it can be adjacent to QED, which is running that weekend. The speaker will be Dr David Robert Grimes.

    The March social will go ahead as per usual on the 26th, and the April social will be on the 9th.

    After QED, we rather hope to get back to normal.

    7:46PM Wednesday 11 March 2015
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