PubhD Manchester

8:31AM Wednesday 26 August 2015

Some of our members and organisers run events outside GMSS which Skeptics might enjoy. This is one:

PubhD is an event for the academically curious… but you don't even need to have been to university the first time around to appreciate what our postgraduate speakers have to say at our gatherings.

The focus is on bringing serious research to the masses, over a pint or two. It's not just about the sciences; there are also plenty of speakers from the humanities, always ensuring a good mix of topics. In the past we have had talks on: PubhD bridges the gap between a casual SitP social, and a more formal talk, by tackling weighty subjects in a friendly setting. PubhDs operate all over the UK, having started in Nottingham in 2014.

How does it work? It's a very simple formula:

PubhD = (W + 3M + P + 3S(10T + 20Q)
)/(2H * D^x)

Where: W = whiteboard M = marker pens P = pub S = speakers T = talk (minutes) Q = Q&A (minutes) H = hosts D = donations x = f(audience * enthusiasm * generosity)

The next Manchester event takes place on Monday 21st September, 7.30pm at the Church Inn, Hulme. We will have three doctoral-level students giving an overview of their research topics in exchange for beer and good company. Visit our website, for more information.