QED 2016: With Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Susan Blackmore, Cara Santa Maria, Alexis Conran and more

10:34AM Wednesday 8 June 2016
Tickets to QED 2016 are currently on sale! To get your ticket to Europe’s largest weekend celebration of science and reason, visit qedcon.org/tickets.

We’re pleased to announce that for our sixth consecutive year we’ve been able to keep the cost of attendance low, with tickets costing £99 for the full weekend (£69 for students and under 18s).

As usual, every single ticket entitles the holder to entry the full programmes for Saturday 15th October and Sunday 16th October, including our popular Saturday night entertainment.

Joining over 600 attendees at QED 2016 for your entertainment and enlightenment will be:

If you’re still hungry for more of the QED experience, or if you’re not able to make it to the full weekend, Friday 14th October will be a free full-day event, open to all. Further details of this, and other additions to the QED programme, will be announced in due course.

So, don’t delay – grab your QED ticket today and we’ll see you in October!

The QED team