New website launch

11:16PM Saturday 10 January 2015
If you are reading this then you obviously already know that this shiny new website exists. You are probably also of a skeptical nature, and therefore probably wondering exactly what the point is in having a post announcing the existence of the new Greater Manchester Skeptics Society website on the new Greater Manchester Skeptics Society website. In fact, there are several good reasons:
  1. Because we still hope to get the old domain pointing here and this would ease the transition.
  2. Because it feels weird not to mention such an obvious change.
  3. Because if the blog is a sort of record of what we do and therefore this should be on it.
  4. Because I have better things to do than make a Wordpress theme that gracefully handles a blog with no content.
There is more to good skepticism than obvious snark.

While we are here, here's what we have going on at the moment:

We have speaker events on the second Thursday of each month. The next is Polyp, our resident political cartoonist (I assume all skeptics groups have one?) discussing the history of controversial cartoons in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. This event is on the 15th, which I realise is not the second anything of the month, but it's a free event so stop whining.

We have social events on the fourth Thursday of every month. These are held in the Church Inn, partly because we enjoy the irony but mostly because it's right next to our Social Secretary's flat. The next is on the 22nd.

We also have a bookclub, although sometimes the book is a film or a topic and to be honest, reading it is largely optional. This month, we discuss the alleged occult origins of Nasa. Definitely give it a go if pub nights aren't your thing.

You can keep up with our events on Facebook and Meetup, or our events page, all of which are linked in the website header.