Photos from the Hypnosis talk

4:57PM Monday 28 March 2016
I wasn't able to get to our hypnosis talk, but Jenna was, and once again she took some photos.

This talk was at our old venue, which is significantly more purple than our new one.

IMGP5668_DxO IMGP5669_DxO IMGP5672_DxO IMGP5673_DxO IMGP5675_DxO IMGP5676_DxO IMGP5677_DxO IMGP5678_DxO IMGP5681_DxO IMGP5682_DxO IMGP5683_DxO IMGP5684_DxO IMGP5686_DxO IMGP5687_DxO IMGP5688_DxO IMGP5690_DxO IMGP5691_DxO IMGP5692_DxO IMGP5695_DxO IMGP5696_DxO IMGP5697_DxO IMGP5698_DxO IMGP5699_DxO IMGP5700_DxO IMGP5701_DxO IMGP5702_DxO IMGP5704_DxO IMGP5705_DxO IMGP5706_DxO IMGP5707_DxO IMGP5708_DxO IMGP5709_DxO IMGP5711_DxO IMGP5713_DxO IMGP5716_DxO IMGP5717_DxO IMGP5718_DxO IMGP5719_DxO IMGP5720_DxO IMGP5721_DxO IMGP5723_DxO IMGP5725_DxO IMGP5727_DxO IMGP5729_DxO IMGP5730_DxO IMGP5732_DxO IMGP5733_DxO IMGP5735_DxO