The woos and woes of Wikipedia: An opportunity for skeptical activism or a conspiratory club? – Annika Harrison

7:00PM Thursday 11 November 2021 Twitch

This event will be online, on the Skeptics in the Pub Twitch channel.

Wikipedia is known as an international encyclopaedia. But is it also a worldwide network with secret members, seeking to influence humankind? Or is it a web forum, where one can publish their opinion? How does Wikipedia work? And how can you make a difference?

Even among skeptics Wikipedia is still looked at with scrutiny. Is it reliable? Are there mechanisms and processes to make Wikipedia more valid and protected?

The Skeptics in the Pub Online presentation will answer all these questions and more.

Annika Harrison is a member of GWUP, the German skeptics organisation. She is also a proud member of the European Skeptics Podcast (ESP) and writes interviews and reports for the online section of the Skeptical Inquirer. She joined Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia in 2017 and most enjoys recording audio introductions to further the richness of pages concerning Skepticism.
Professionally, she is a teacher of English and history at a comprehensive school close to Cologne, Germany. Privately, she is married and a mother of one.

This event is being run by Skeptics in the Pub Online, a coalition of UK-based Skeptics groups. Formed as the Covid-19 epidemic brought our country to a standstill, we are working to deliver high quality online events focussing on science, reason, and critical thinking.