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  1. Fantastic Beasts and Why to Conserve Them

    7:30 pm Thursday 10 October 2019The King's Arms

    Dr Caroline Ward is here to tell us about how conservation efforts can be helped and hindered when the local population believes the animal you're protecting is magic.

  2. Soapbox Special 2019

    7:30 pm Thursday 1 August 2019The King's Arms

    Our traditional "Soapbox Special" night features four short talks from the likes of you. Or maybe you specifically?

  3. MSSX

    9:00 am Saturday 6 July 2019The Liner Hotel, Liverpool

    To celebrate a full decade of organised skepticism in Liverpool, the Merseyside Skeptics Society have organised a one-day skeptical conference.

  4. Knowing Better, Doing Worse: The Causes of Evil

    7:30 pm Thursday 6 June 2019The King's Arms

    Throughout history, notable cases have demonstrated how easy it is for ordinary individuals to be manipulated by their environment into carrying out unspeakable crimes. This talk will be discussing the situational factors that can turn good people evil.

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