ThanksGeeking: GMSS Geek Pride Day '12

7:00PM Thursday 24 May 2012 Bar21

Come along to ThanksGeeking…a GMSS event that celebrates Geek/Nerd Pride Day( A firm annual favourite now, we’ve had bowls of petunias, the amazing fancy dress shenanigans, the fabulous Sci-fi & Geek pub quiz prizes? Did you consume the blue Vogon cake (and who knew they like chocolate chips?)? And what about the fantastic PICO? Well, if you haven’t been before, and you didn’t catch the magnificent Pico and friends from Puppetual Motion getting their geek on, then no fear, for the time is almost upon us again, and PICO WILL BE BACK!

So, it may seem a way away, but it’s time to think about a costume!*

Due to venue availability, this will take place on the 24th May- otherwise known as Geek/Nerd pride Eve, from 7pm. Watch out for the upcoming details on our various channels!

*Costumes are by no means a requirement to attending the event, but you may lose serious Geek Points if you don’t!