Skeptics in the Pub- Geoff Whelan: God vs The Law

8:00PM Thursday 13 January 2011 Bar21

God vs The Law: Religious Rights and Wrongs

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Religious groups are becoming increasingly vocal and have sought to use this right to resist legal and social change they believe conflicts with their scriptural teachings. Litigation is inevitable. There are a huge number of areas where the courts have had to decide on religious claims, not of the big questions such as does God exist, but more down to earth matters such as the wearing of religious symbols at work or at school, corporal punishment, open air funeral pyres, the destruction of sacred cows (literally), civil partnerships and even drug use.

In his talk, Geoff will talk about a number of notable cases where religious practices have come into conflict with the law.

Geoff Whelan is a barrister practicing at Kenworthys Chambers, Manchester. He specialises in criminal law and has prosecuted and defended a number of high profile cases. He's used to dealing with rapists and murderers but has some trepidation about a room full of skeptics.