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  1. May Sitp: Andrew Russell

    The natural cycles of climate change "skeptics"

    Dr Andrew Russell discusses the current scientific knowledge on climate change, alongside arguments used by climate change "sceptics".

    Dr Andrew Russell is a weather and climate scientist at the University of Manchester. Alongside media appearances (such as 'The One Show' and NERC's 'Planet Earth Podcast'), Dr Russell chairs the committee of the North-West Local Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS), and is an Associate Editor of the journal 'Atmospheric Science Letters'.

    Find out more about Andrew Russell: http://www.andrewruss...

    7:00PM Tuesday 11 May 2010 Bar21
  2. Ladies who do Skepticism (& Coffee): May

    The Last LWDS (&C) was a small but successful meet! We talked about skeptical issues in general, plus those affecting women specifically such as the pseudoscience in advertising skincare products, and the rubbish pedalled by women's mags.

    We're trying to create a network of women in the north-west who have a similar outlook on life, and are not afraid to be 'out' as skeptics! Come along to this meet- which will be held in Liverpool at Cafe Eros this time as the last was in Manchester, and this is a joint venture with the Merseyside Skeptics Society.

    Why not come early and take a look around the shops, museums, and wonderful architecture available in Liverpool!

    Cafe Eros is part of the National Conservation Centre http://www.liverpoolm...

    Anyone wishing to travel in by train with me- let me know and we can meet up at Manchester Piccadilly!

    2:00PM Saturday 8 May 2010 Error Bar
  3. Skeptics in the Pub - Trystan Swale

    Our very first speaker will be Trystan Swale on the 13th of April at TV21 in the Norther Quarter, Manchester who will be talking about Ghosts and the people who hunt them. This will be followed by the first ever live recording of the Righteous Indignation podcast!


    Who are the people that spend their weekends sat in haunted buildings hoping to capture evidence of an after life or a snapshot of a ghost? From academics to housewives, Trystan Swale blows the whistle on the profiles, methods, means, deception, poor research and bad science of the people who continue to shape popular culture and perception of ghosts.

    Between 2004 and 2009 Trystan served with a range of paranormal investigation teams in the south of England, investigating a range of unusual phenomena from poltergeists to UFOs and winged humanoids. When not busy helping compile and present Righteous Indignation Podcast, he is a teacher by profession.


    Righteous Indignation is the weekly UK based podcast that aims to critically exam ine extraordinary claims and the people who surround them. These include ideas related to conspiracy, the paranor mal, the occult and attempts to redefine the boundaries of science and current understanding. The show is presented by Hayley Stevens, Michael Marshall, Trystan Swale and Gavin Schofield, for more information visit http://www.ripodcast....

    7:00PM Tuesday 13 April 2010 Bar21
  4. Ladies who do Skepticism

    Skeptical Ladies.... we need YOU!

    There are plenty of us who sign up to the Skeptical groups on Facebook, but comparatively so few who actually turn out to Skeptics in the Pub, and we'd like to change that.

    Come along and get to know some of your female compatriots; find out what we do at SitP events, have a cup of coffee and piece of cake, and tell us who/what you'd like at future meets we have.
    And at the risk of sounding even more sexist; for those traveling in from further afield- we've made it 3pm so you can have a mooch at the shops first if you fancy it :-)

    Men, sorry for the invites, but this is for the more elusive gender at GMSitP! However, there's plenty to do in Manchester, and we have more equal opportunities events coming up very soon! So do the women in your life a favour; be it wife/sister/mother/friend, pass on the invite.

    Newbies and regulars equally welcome and encouraged to attend!

    Any questions, please contact me- Janis Bennion

    3:00PM Saturday 10 April 2010 An Outlet
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