Happy ThanksGeeking! GMSkeptics Celebrate Geek/Nerd Pride Day

7:00pm Thursday 26 May 2011Bar21

Were YOU at last years' fantastic Geek/ Nerd Pride day event at Greater Manchester Skeptics?

...Did you witness the Dolphin, the bowl of petunias, the amazing fancy dress shenanigans, the fabulous Sci-fi & Geek pub quiz prizes? Did you consume the blue Vogon cake (and who knew they like chocolate chips?)?

If yes, I'm sure you'll be back for more. If no, you'll be thinking "where on earth was I and why wasn't I there?"
Well now's the time to put things right!

We'll be celebrating all things science, sci-fi, fantasy, (and all other geeky things that make life so awesome) *again* with our now annual Geek/Nerd Pride day annual event.
So come along to our newly named "THANKSGEEKING" event.
Be proud and give thanks for your fellow geeks.

Due to venue availability, this will take place on the 26th May- the "boxing day" of Geek Nerdiness.

EEK! why isn't this TOMORROW?!!!!

See Links below for why the 25th May is Geek/Nerd Pride (and not, for example, May 4th!).

Geek? Nerd?
25th May *is* YOUR day!
Both Towel Day (Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towel_Day) AND Star Wars Premiere anniversary...