JWST: from launch to first science – Dr Emma Curtis-Lake

7:00PM Thursday 10 November 2022 Twitch

This event will be online, on the Skeptics in the Pub Twitch channel.

After an incredibly exciting release of images this summer, JWST has settled into science mode. This talk will take you on a journey from our own galaxy to the beginnings of the Universe via images from this incredible new telescope, highlighting some interesting scientific discoveries along the way.

Emma is a STFC Webb Fellow, which means she has been hired to do science with Webb, but also to take the public along the journey. Emma has mostly worked with space telescopes, like Hubble, to peer into the very distant, and early, Universe and has been preparing for JWST for the last seven years. Since Emma’s PhD she has worked in Edinburgh, Paris and Cambridge, but is now based at the University of Hertfordshire. She has been working there to bring Webb to the public with an exhibition of first images at the Galleria shopping centre, and local libraries, as well as giving talks like this one to various groups and communities.