General Meeting

7:00PM Thursday 8 August 2019Pie & Ale

Because (it turns out) these events do not organise themselves, and email just isn't the same, we're meeting up in person to discuss plans for the next few months.

If there's anything you'd like to raise then this is a good chance to do it. If there's an issue you'd rather not air in public then please feel free to grab one of the organisers at another event, or drop us an email at

If you want to officially vote and count towards quorum then register on this site, then talk to an admin at the July social, the July talk or the Soapbox event so you can be added to the official 'members' list. If you don't get chance that's fine — so far we've never had an issue so contentious that the vote really mattered.

And yes, it's admin, but it's admin in a nice pub so it should still be a nice enough evening.