Fascist Thought in Britain: Past & Present

7:30PM Thursday 14 November 2019 The Britons Protection

Fascism in its various forms did not spring from nothing and what it sprang from was not eradicated by the Second World War. It was an international phenomenon, with each national variation drawing on elements from other countries. Focusing on several Anglo-German examples, this talk will explore the links between elements of fascist thinking in the past and present, covering British influences on the development of Nazi ideology, sympathisers and collaborators during the war, and the legacies of these ideas in politics today. Through these links we can examine how biases in our thinking around nationhood, citizenship and international relations can help fascist ideas to gain ground.

Victoria Stiles holds a PhD in History and has read more Nazi-approved books than is recommended for a person of nervous disposition. She has worked as a tutor, translator and educational consultant, and has been giving public talks on history for over five years. She also hosts and edits the history podcast 1066 Wasn't All That.