Listing of events tagged with Soapbox

  1. Soapbox Special 2019

    Our traditional "Soapbox Special" night features four short talks from members — this year, on Ask For Evidence, Freedom of Information, meditation and e-numbers.

    7:30PM Thursday 1 August 2019 The King's Arms
  2. Soapbox Special 2018

    Submissions are now open for "soapbox" talks.

    7:30PM Thursday 9 August 2018 The King's Arms
  3. Soapbox Special 2017

    August’s speaker event is our increasingly annual Soapbox Special.

    7:30PM Thursday 24 August 2017 The King's Arms
  4. Soapbox Special

    It's that time of year again where we get up onto our soapboxes and wax lyrical about matters that get our skeptical goat. We'll be putting on four short talks with Q&A's.

    7:30PM Thursday 11 August 2016 The King's Arms
  5. Summer Soapbox

    Our August 'speaker' event is our increasingly traditional Soapbox — several short talks on different topics by members of Manchester Skeptics.

    If you've some bad science you'd like to dissect, unsupported claims to debunk, woolly thinking to criticise or if there's a skeptical campaign you'd like to publicise, then this is your moment in the spotlight.

    Please send a brief description of your proposed talk to by Monday 3rd August.

    7:30PM Thursday 13 August 2015 Bar21
  6. August Skeptical Soapbox Special

    It’s August, which means it’s time for our annual soapbox event! We’ll be giving a platform to 4 or 5 speakers to vent their skeptical spleen or to wax lyrical on their topic of interest.This year we will have Twitter legend Andrew Taylor mounting an attack on prescriptivist linguists. Andrew asserts that this is a whole genre of widely believed but non-evidence-based nonsense that he assures us has yet to be tackled by skeptics. So we may be in for a first here.

    Also joining us will be Katie Steckles from Manchester Girl Geeks who will be talking about philosophers such as Descartes and Russell, but with a twist. Aside from being philosophers they were also accomplished mathematicians. So come along for some skeptimaths.

    Head honcho of Skeplit, Joely Black, will be attending skeptical confession, when she discloses her dark past as a tarot reader. 20 renditions of the periodic table and 10 Demon Haunted Worlds for her!

    We may also be entertained, enthralled and educated by not just one but possibly even two Callisters. Details TBC!

    7:30PM Thursday 9 August 2012 Bar21
  7. Skeptics in the Pub Soapbox!

    Huzzah! The August Soapbox Special returns to Manchester Skeptics in the Pub!

    This year we've got six short 'Soapbox' style rants/talks for your enjoyment! If you've never been to a Skeptics event before, this would be a great chance to get a feel for what it's all about.

    This year we have talks ranging from homeopathy through to witches, stopping off at religion, mathematics, "The Secret" and more....with the talks coming from members of our own skeptical community.

    Dave Briggs: Homeopathy: the current state of the art.
    Joely Black: The Secret: How to use one magic word to make millions, get a NYT bestseller and a top-selling movie.
    Victoria Stiles: How Crazy was the (English) Witch Craze?
    Polyp: 'Spiritual, but not religious... what the fuck does that mean then?'
    Andrew Taylor: 'The Formula for the Perfect Life'

    ****EARLIER DOORS! 7PM for a 7:30 start****

    7:00PM Thursday 11 August 2011 Bar21
  8. Skeptics in the Pub - August Soapbox Special

    Inspired by the great Soapbox guests we've had on the Just Skeptics Podcast so far, for August's SitP, we'll be having a special 'Soapbox' edition. There'll be 3-4 mini-rants on diverse topics currently unexplored at our speaker events. This would be the perfect event to bring along skeptical newbies, as there'll be breaks, and a broad range of topics!

    Topics announced!

    We'll be treated to the following talks, from regular Just Skeptics soapbox guests Allan and Rick, alongside resident blogger extraordinaire Xtal Dave, and the InKredulous Andy Wilson of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and the 1023 Campaign.


    Allan Callister: Quantum Touch
    'Xtal' Dave Briggs: The Amazing Power of Crystals
    Rick Owen: The Safety Dance
    Andy Wilson: 5 Batty Bits of Business Bullshit

    7:00PM Tuesday 10 August 2010 Bar21