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  1. Call for Soapbox Speakers

    The venue is booked for the Soapbox Special — but we don't have any speakers yet. Care to pitch in?

    11:55PM Wednesday 27 March 2019
  2. Call for Soapbox Speakers

    Update: this event is in the past so we no longer need speakers, unless they have an extremely compelling talk about how time travel is more likely than most people think.

    11:55AM Sunday 17 June 2018
  3. Request for study participants

    We've been contacted by a researcher from Uclan, who is running a study comparing sceptics and believers in the paranormal, but doesn't have enough sceptics yet.

    1:59PM Wednesday 23 May 2018
  4. UoM Science Spectacular

    As part of the Manchester Science Festival, The University of Manchester is hosting Science Spectacular, on Saturday 21 October 2017, 11am - 4pm, Whitworth Hall and Manchester Museum, Oxford Road Manchester

    It's free so drop in if you're about.

    9:34AM Wednesday 11 October 2017
  5. Call for talks — Soapbox 2017

    If you have a skeptical topic you’re passionate about, or just cross and knowledgeable, then get in touch and you could be one of our August speakers.

    9:33AM Friday 23 June 2017
  6. Venue Changes

    We have some venue changes on the go at the moment.

    Firstly, our last social was in the Old Monkey rather than the Crown and Kettle. This may be an ongoing change, although the Old Monkey isn't available on Thursdays so it may not work in the long run.

    Second, our next speaker event, Dr Jenny Cole's The Case For Gossip, will be at the Briton's Protection rather than the King's Arms. If it goes well then we might be back there for our speaker event in July, as the King's Arms is busy hosting a large chunk of the Greater Manchester Fringe in July.

    6:07PM Monday 1 May 2017
  7. April Speaker Cancellation

    Unfortunately, due to both venue and speaker availability, we haven't been able to put together a speaker event this month.

    9:56AM Saturday 15 April 2017
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