Soapbox Special 2018

Submissions are now open for “soapbox” talks.

Soapbox Special 2017

August’s speaker event is our increasingly annual Soapbox Special.

Soapbox Special

It’s that time of year again where we get up onto our soapboxes and wax lyrical about matters that get our skeptical goat. We’ll be putting on four short talks with Q&A’s.

Summer Soapbox

Our August ‘speaker’ event is our increasingly traditional Soapbox — several short talks on different topics by members of Manchester Skeptics.

August Skeptical Soapbox Special

It’s August, which means it’s time for our annual soapbox event! We’ll be giving a platform to 4 or 5 speakers to vent their skeptical spleen or to wax lyrical on their topic of interest.This year we will have Twitter legend Andrew Taylor mounting an attack on prescriptivist linguists. Andrew asserts that this is a […]

Skeptics in the Pub Soapbox!

Huzzah! The August Soapbox Special returns to Manchester Skeptics in the Pub! This year we’ve got six short ‘Soapbox’ style rants/talks for your enjoyment! If you’ve never been to a Skeptics event before, this would be a great chance to get a feel for what it’s all about. This year we have talks ranging from […]

Skeptics in the Pub – August Soapbox Special

Inspired by the great Soapbox guests we’ve had on the Just Skeptics Podcast so far, for August’s SitP, we’ll be having a special ‘Soapbox’ edition. There’ll be 3-4 mini-rants on diverse topics currently unexplored at our speaker events. This would be the perfect event to bring along skeptical newbies, as there’ll be breaks, and a […]