Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos

Jeff Forshaw, co-author of Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos with Brian Cox, explains the time before the Big Bang, when the universe was compressed into a space smaller than an atom.

How Disgust Rules the World

Richard Firth-Godbehere knows a lot about disgust. Over the past six years, he has been looking at, analysing, and dissecting the history, philosophy, and psychology of disgust, culminating in a PhD in the origins of the English understanding of that feeling. He has come to the conclusion that it rules the world.

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

Every child grows up singing that classic song about the human body. But whilst they might learn all about what the different human bits are, they’re less likely to learn why they are that way.

The Case for Gossip

This talk aims to introduce listeners to psychological research which provides evidence that gossip is a complex communication tool that we may want to keep, and highlight some of the issues encountered when researching such a controversial topic.

Mathematical Life Hacks

Mathematician and speaker Katie Steckles will show you some mathematical, logical and geometrical tricks to solve some of everyday life’s minor challenges.

Misrepresenting Reality

Misrepresenting reality without any supporting evidence – indeed, usually directly in the face of the objective evidence. How did the Leave campaign get away with it? And why are we still letting them get away with it?

The Physics Of Ghosts

Join us for a debunking of real-life ghost stories, followed by a re-bunking, and then a second debunking.

What are the lessons of history (and will we ever actually learn them)?

It is now almost inevitable that the Nazis will appear as a cautionary example in any political discussion and yet this year has seen the rise to prominence of groups which openly share many of their beliefs and even borrow their symbols. It appears that knowing about the past is not the same as learning from history. Historian Victoria Stiles asks if it is reasonable to expect history to teach us anything at all.

The Spectrum of Violence

Dr Clare Allely will be considering the link between neurodevelopment disorders and the actions of killers such as Anders Breivik.

Investigating the Impossible: Thirty years at the Koestler Unit

Join Professor Caroline Watt for a tour of 30 years of research into paranormal claims, and discover the challenges and unexpected scientific rewards of investigating the impossible.